September is for Sniffles

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I love Autumn. I love everything about it. I love the cooler temperatures and I love the gorgeous colours and I love the sweaters and the scarves and if I had any, I’d love the boots too (I am in serious need of new footwear!).

I love the spices that are re-introduced during this season. I love that this season’s main holiday is one about family and gratitude. I love how every September kind of feels like a new beginning, even as nature is going into hibernation mode.

But I decidedly do not love the sickness that comes with autumn.

As this Fall season rolled around once more, I began to question my adoration of this time of year. Last year, the entire family got so sick that there wasn’t a day when we were all healthy over an entire six week period. I was dreading this year’s sick season enough that I didn’t even want autumn, which is saying a lot for this lover of all things pumpkin spice. And September 2014 didn’t disappoint. First there was an unfortunate case of conjunctivitis that just wouldn’t quit. Then Dan and I got a penicillin resistant strain of strep. Of course, you don’t realize it is penicillin resistant until after the first round of antibiotics (penicillin, of course) is finished. Dan’s on his second round of antibiotics now. I just finished my penicillin last night, so I’m expecting to feel lousy again in about 24 hours.

Somehow, despite introducing them to a whole new subset of germs by putting them in a new daycare, my kids have mostly managed to avoid our strep throat and any other common fall ailments. It is only early yet, and so I am sure that October will be fraught with illness now that I’m bragging about how healthy my children are. Yet, even with their relative health, the change of seasons and drop of temperature always seems to bring some small form of sniffles or cough.

Gavin has been dealing with a runny nose for a couple of weeks now. At two-years-old, he’s at the age where he is slightly conscious about it and has even started asking for a tissue. He’s going through a do-it-himself phase which means that once I have provided the tissue, I will be of no more help, except to possibly take the tissue out of his hands when he is done (though he is usually good about taking it to the garbage).

Gavin with Boogie Wipes

While he still calls it a “tissue”, when Gavin has a runny nose, he loves reaching for a Boogie Wipe. Boogie Wipes are lightly scented gentle saline wipes for runny noses that helps clean and moisturize naturally with Vitamin E, Chamomile, and Aloe. They’re alcohol free and hypoallergenic, which is important in our sensitive-skinned family.

Boogie Wipes

I love having these kid-friendly kind of products around the house. I have not had to fight with a single nose since Boogie Wipes have come into our home. If their noses are runny, my kids are eager and empowered to use the wipes. I just have to check and make sure that they’re not taking all the wipes at once! Now, I make sure that there are Boogie Wipes within easy reach at home, and a smaller pack in my purse at all times.

Kandoo Detangler Review

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