September resolutions? Local fitness gym launching innovative fitness program

The calendar says January 1 is the start of the year. But, for the majority of us, the start of September is the real time to begin something new or to get back to a routine.

This is why Dartmouth-based Blended Athletics has chosen this time to launch STAMINA , the most innovative and powerful experience they have created since opening in 2013. The goal of the program is to help participants get back to a positive mindset following the stress of these last two, “Covid” years.

“Kids are going back to school, parents are going back to the office and we believe people are looking for stability in this chaos,” says Blended founder and owner David Rafuse.”They are looking for a chance to get back to their life the way they remember it and in order to create the impact and results they want, they need to build both physical and mental stamina.”

The membership at Blended Athletics begins with an InBody scan to new members which provides a comprehensive breakdown about your body. Members have access to over 80 weekly fitness classes across the three different spaces in the Blended facility. What’s more, each class space allows members to track their daily fitness results using MyZone Heart Rate  technology. 

“Never before has a gym in HRM offered so much in ONE facility. We truly have held nothing back” continues Rafuse. “Since 2013 Blended Athletics has dedicated itself to helping people and through that journey we have adopted tactics that help people develop and grow professionally, personally and physically.”

It is the focus on both physical and mental health that is very prescient considering current times. According to a March 2022 Angus Reid survey (conducted in partnership with the CBC), 54 percent of Canadians report their mental health worsening since the Covid pandemic began in March 2020. 

“After two years, Canadians are really feeling overwhelmed and exhausted,” Margaret Eaton, national CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) told the CBC. “There is an epidemic of chronic stress that’s been going on for so long, and people are feeling so much uncertainty, that we’re concerned now that it will take much time for them to get over this experience of the pandemic.”

It is with the hope of helping people overcome this that was the real driving force behind the launch of STAMINA.

“The gym is so much more than a place to improve physical health,” says Rafuse. “It has been proven to have as much impact on people’s mental health as their physical health.”

To learn more about STAMINA, visit or call 902 405-3580 to set up a FREE consultation to answer all of your questions. 

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