September vehicle/pedestrian collision statistics

Halifax Regional Police (HRP) and Halifax District RCMP release a monthly vehicle/pedestrian collision report to provide police and citizens with more contextual information on this issue.

A total of 182 vehicle/pedestrian/bicycle collisions have been reported from January to September 2018 in HRM. Of the total collisions, 51 involved a bicycle. The remaining 131 incidents were vehicle/pedestrian collisions, with 140 pedestrian victims. This represents an increase of one incident over the same time period in 2017.

Nineteen vehicle/pedestrian collisions were reported in September. Month over month, this represents an increase of seven incidents from the 12 incidents reported in August 2018. Year over year, there was an increase of one incident from the 18 incidents reported in September 2017.

For January 1- September 30, 2018, 60.31% (79 incidents) of vehicle/pedestrian collisions occurred in crosswalks as compared with 66.21% (96 incidents) reported during this period in 2017.

Of the 140 pedestrians involved in reported collisions in 2018:

  • 2 were fatally injured
  • 3 experienced severe injuries
  • 8 experienced moderate injuries
  • 78 experienced minor injuries
  • 36 experienced no injuries
  • 13 did not report their injuries to police

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Source : Media Release

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