Serious scramble at Citrus

On a sunny Saturday in September, I took myself out to brunch in Newtown, a ‘hood within 15 minutes of Glebe.  Having the time to actually venture out of my area, I decided to trek over to King St. and have a seat at whichever cafe managed to grab my attention with their menu. It’s a nice little walk from Glebe to Newtown, and I’d take the opportunity to walk around the pond in Victoria Park any day.

By the time I arrived in Newtown, I had worked up a nice appetite, so I was  set on finding a cafe to sate my hunger immediately. I was pretty specific in what I wanted; scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and was thrilled to find just the thing at Citrus for just $12.99.  I managed to score a table outside, but the resto looked quite pleasant as well.  My server brought out an icy-cold btl. of H20 and I immediately placed my order for a Long Black and my scrambled eggs.

These were absolutely delicious.  I have to give restos in Oz a big shout-out; they really know how to cook their eggs.  Of course, the breakfast culture in Sydney is much more prevalent than it is in Canada; you won’t often find a resto that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I’m happy to have such a great selection here.  

The portion of the dish was huge, and I was full without even having touched the English muffin.  The eggs were so fluffy and creamy, while the smoked salmon was tender and fresh.  And since no meal is complete w/out a bit of fruit or veg, I was thrilled by the addition of a grilled tomato on each half.

Scrambled eggs, Smoked Samon &
Grilled Tomato on an English Muffin ($12,99)

And as if my delightful brunch wasn’t enough on such a lovely day, I came home to find my housemates sunning themselves in the backyard with some cold, crisp James Squire beers.  I’ve tried their 50 Lashes, Four Wives and the Chancer, as well as an tasty brand called Little Creatures.  Uh-oh…I came to Oz to try wine, but I just might end up a bit of a beer hound….


Elf – The Musical

Rebus is Back!

Rebus is Back!