Shake Up Your Holiday Party with Virtual Casino Night

Are you looking forward to trying something new for this year’s holiday party? Would you like to try a virtual casino night furthermore play a real money slot?

Some people love trying new things. Going to a casino would have been on someone’s or your 2020 wishlist, but it seems hard to fulfill this wish amid a pandemic. Isn’t it? 

Well, we live in the era of digitization when nothing can stop you from enjoying the holidays in your way. 

Like all the other things happening online, you can use the internet to fulfill your wishlist. Enjoy holidays and achieve your wishlist by playing real money slot virtual casino games. These games give you an adrenaline rush, and while playing real money slots, the player only cares about how much money they make by the end. Have you been there?

If you are new to virtual casino nights but want to play some real money slots online. You do not need to worry because we have done the hard work for you. After doing all the research, we have come up with some virtual casino games that will give you an adrenaline rush and boost the level of dopamine in your brain. 

Sweet -16

As the name suggests, the game revolves around the delectable candies you used to enjoy when you were sixteen. It is a 5-reel shot game in which you can create winning combinations in 243 possible ways. 

If you are looking forward to spending time earning some extra cash while playing something interesting, then Sweet-16 is the game for you. The most important symbol that you’ll find in the game is wild, represented as Sweet-16, which overpower all the other symbols other than scatter. 

Depending upon the risk you are willing to take, you can take the coin size range from 0.01 to 5 dollars. 

Features like the scatter bonus round and regular spins make Sweet-16 stand out in real money slot games. This is the reason why the return-to-player rate of this game is around 96%. 

Diamond Dozen

Diamond Dozen is a real money slot full of glamour. It gives you a taste of the lives of the privileged. The theme of the game is a romantic love story with money as a backdrop. Symbols in the game include lovers, wedding rings, and roses. 

The white diamond in the slot presents the wild symbol, while the blue diamond is used for the scatter. Players can place the bet in the range of 0.01 to 0.25 dollars with a maximum chance of 5 dollars per line. 

If you are someone who likes to play colorful games, Diamond Dozen is undoubtedly designed for you. To earn some profit and have a great time, this real money slot game is worth your time. 

Panda’s Gold

The theme of Panda’s Gold is based on the Chinese Province that is known as Panda country. It is a five-reel, three roll game with 88 paylines. Panda represents the wild symbol in the game, whereas fortune is the scatter symbol. 

The appearance of the wild symbol at least once in a free game feature multiplies the prize. A player can win around 50,000x bet per line from this game. Except for the scatter, all symbols in the game pay left to right. If you are looking for a jackpot, then you are in the wrong game. 

Big Shot

The big shot is a perfect real money slot for people who admire glamorous celebrity lives. It gives you a red carpet experience with big wins in the game. The theme is based on Hollywood so that you can experience the elite life. 

It is a six-reel game, in which you have Superstar as the wild symbol and Award is the scatter symbol. 

The player can win a random jackpot anytime. Regardless of how much you win while spinning or how much you bet, you are eligible for this random jackpot. 

Triple Twister

When we talk about playing some real money slot games in holidays to get the feel of a casino night, the triple twister is the priority. The game’s theme is a country farm where you’ll see pigs, cows, dogs, and tractors as the symbols. 

The wild symbol in the game is a twister that can be substituted by other symbols. The scatter symbol is a weather vane. 

In this five-reel game, you can place a minimum bet for $0.02 and a maximum for $0.25. The game also offers you two big random jackpots. When the bonus features are activated, you can even win hefty payouts. 

High Fashion

Have you ever earned a fair amount of cash from a modeling contract? High Fashion is a real money slot that is designed with the theme of the model industry. Glamour, high heels, male and female models, beauty products make the most of this game. 

The wild symbol is represented by male and female models, while the runway symbol represents the scatter. The player can place a bet between the range of 0.01 dollars and 5 dollars. 

In high Fashion, the wild symbol offers you two times a multiplier. The Scatter symbol comes with 1000x on the total bet. If you are looking forward to enjoying and earning a reasonable sum in holidays from gambling, what will be the better option than this game?


Asgard, a real money slot game, is good news for Marvel fans. In the game, you can bet a minimum of 0.30 dollars and a maximum of 7.5 dollars. Asgard grants you with 243 paylines. 

On triggering different bonuses, the player will be rewarded with various features. For five bonus points, you get Loki’s magic; for ten bonus points, you get Thunder Gold, and for 15 bonus points, you get Valhalla. The more bonus points are triggered, the more free games will be available for you. 

When the game turns five reels up into wild reels, the thunderbolt feature can be activated anytime. Therefore, the fun of this real money slot is never-ending. 


Now you have a brief about seven real money slot games that you can play virtually and shake up your holiday party. You no more need to go out and visit a casino when your desktop is qualified enough to give you the feel of casino night at your place. Now nothing can come in your way to shake up your holiday party. 

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