Share With Me Your Best Money Tips

Share With Me Your Best Money Tips

Share With Me Your Best Money Tips

Contest Sample

On a recent #cdnmoney money chat I shared that I wanted to run a contest on Common Cents Mom. I want you to share your best money tips with me

I just celebrated 5 years as Common Cents Mom

4 years on Twitter

and 8000 followers on Twitter and I want to do something special.

Please share with me your best money tip. Take a picture of you sharing your tip and send it to me at

What am I going to do with your tips? I am going to make a video that will be shared here in just over a month.

This contest runs till April 13th, 2003

What can you win?

     A $200 Visa or Mastercard Gift Card


To enter remember to email me your photo with your tip. When you have done that come back here and leave a comment. I will be sharing your photos this month on my facebook page. After the 13th of April I make the video and share that here!




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