Shipbuilding contract will reinforce Halifax’s competitive advantage

Congratulations to all Nova Scotians! We HAVE won the prestigious combat component of the Canadian Shipbuilding contract. This is the Olympics…the Superbowl… the World Cup… and the Stanley Cup, all rolled into one!

The grass has long appeared greener in Ontario or Alberta.  Now, given the opportunity, many talented people will have the opportunity to return home to earn a good living near their friends and families.  As important…many will never have to leave.

With the shipbuilding contract indeed earned by Nova Scotia, we will ensure a generation of work for young and experienced workers alike.  We will bring our talented Nova Scotian workers home, and demonstrate our competitive advantage to attract Canadians and new immigrants to the East Coast.

The project will certainly re-energize the region and reinforce our position as North America’s preeminent shipbuilder.  It is sure to provide a springboard to develop competencies in a number of related fields which will enable us to create new industries and exciting opportunities.

Halifax, Nova Scotia won the contract based on merit, and the federal government is to be commended for the process. We are simply the best suited location for shipbuilding in Canada. It is in our blood, and has been for centuries.

When the announcement was made on October 19, I sat with some associates and anxiously waited for the outcome.  Prior to the news, I was like a child on Christmas Eve; I couldn’t wait another minute.  When the good news finally came, I celebrated, and proudly exclaimed that we just witnessed a monumental day in Maritime Canadian History!

Congratulations to Irving.  Congratulations to Halifax.  Congratulations to Nova Scotia. Congratulations to our next generation!



Guido_Kerpel_photo Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Guido moved to Nova Scotia in 1999 and accepted the position as General Manager of the Westin Nova Scotian. Guido is currently Vice President for Canadian Region of New Castle Hotels properties.


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