Shoes and socks

Let’s beat the Monday bleh with some fun stuff, shall we?

These shoes are so not me, if you are wondering. I’m not a big fashion person, so I wear whatever come to mind in the morning. I hardly wear any heels though, except for a fancy dinner or event which is like once or twice a year, lol. I used to wear a bit of heels back home, but here I have to walk so much, heels would kill me right away. The few high heels I owned are very humble, just to ease the discomfort of walking in them as much as I could.
I got these fun shoes at Sears outlet on Sunday. I didn’t plan to get anything (didn’t we all, lol) but then saw 2 pairs of these on the shelf and one of them was my size. I was kinda put off by the height of the heels, but thought they were so cute, and decided to try them on. I guess you can’t tell from the picture, but the polka dot strips were actually made out of fabric, so the shoes were extremely comfortable. I was sold as soon as I put them on.

The shoes has the ties above the ankles, so I had to model them for pictures, and Squirt didn’t mind to be the photographer. She likes the camera, in front or behind it. Guess how much they set me back at. They weren’t brand name or anything, were CAD40 sold for CAD20 at the outlet. Then the store promotion was tax-free, plus 10% off with Sears card. So I paid CAD18 without tax, like CAD16 🙂 Tell me ladies, what outfit would you pair them with? I bought them and now am not sure I could make them work, lol.

So that was the shoes. What were the socks in the post title? In the picture is the aloe vera infused socks and gloves that I bought at Winners a while back, again modeled by me and photographed by Squirt. I have been using hand cream and body butter, but don’t feel they are enough. My hands and feet have to go through so much during the day, they need some extra help to stay soft. I just use these socks and gloves for a night or two, don’t expect to see any effect yet. It is nice to add them to my bedtime routine though, feel good when you do something nice for your body.

And to follow up with the rant about having to take off CG For Audrey on Sunday night, here’s what I put on for a new week at work. NYC Long-wearing nail enamel in Mod Mauve. I couldn’t find the shade on NYC website, guess they got rid of all the old shades. Mod Mauve is one of the most opaque shades in the line – I got the bottle colour in 2 coats. Lighter shades didn’t work as well, 4 coats and still sheer. Another rant about NYC polish, they chip very easily. Well, I was cooking tonight and stuff, but still in just about 24 hours and it already chipped. At least I didn’t pay much for them, so that was ok. I change my polish half way through the week anyway.

How has your Monday been?

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