Shoppers should take extra precautions

Halifax Regional Police would like to remind shoppers to take extra precautions at this time of year.

There is typically an increase in thefts from motor vehicles during the holiday shopping season, particularly around malls and department stores. Shoppers are encouraged to park in well lit, well travelled areas.

If it is absolutely necessary to leave items in your vehicle, they should be locked in the trunk out of plain view before arriving at your destination.

Being able to see gifts through the window of a car is a temptation for would be thieves, so please keep any parcels out of sight and out of mind.

Theft from vehicles is a crime of opportunity. The more you do to reduce the opportunity, the less likely you will be victimized. Anyone observing suspicious activity in or around parked vehicles should report it to police immediately.

Thank you and have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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