Shopping Local In Downtown Halifax

I’m not sure if it was planned, or it was just a wonderful twist of fate, but last week there was not only one, but three store events happening all around the same time AND on the same street.
It was a blogger’s dream, and so naturally Mo (lion-huner blog) had to check it out.
Our first stop was J&R Grimsmo. There were so many pieces that I loved in store, and it was so nice to catch up with everyone after months of being in hibernation from this wretched winter we’d been having. There were so many items that were just so cute (and different) I love how everything feels so perfectly curated, and purposeful. It was also neat to see Canadian designers that I’d seen show their collections at Toronto Fashion Week like Melissa Nepton (I really liked her collection). I think the watermelon and polka dot blouse were the ones that really spoke to me, but after speaking with Jessy I was also pretty smitten with a certain ruffled crop top.

After hanging out at J&R we sauntered over to the Middle Spoon where Lindsay was hosting her pop up for The Hanger Boutique. You might remember the red tartan swing dress (see here) I styled back before Christmas, and most recently the gray swing with bows (see here).  Lindsay does well to curate her inspired by celebrity items, and everything is under $100 so they are very affordable.

We then back tracked to Frank and Oak, and enjoyed browsing the new collection followed by a whiskey tasting event downstairs. We were whisked through a set a stairs and down a long corridor to the prohibition themed spot Noble. Complete with nibbles, and a presentation we were given the option of two different drinks, an Old Fashioned and a sour maple drink (which also contained egg whites to create a foam). Naturally I chose the Old Fashioned, and I was not disappointed.

I had so much fun bounching around to all the shops, and events! What you didn’t see here is that Mo and I hit up the free Gelato at Humani T cafe before these events. It was a gloriously sunny and beautiful day even if we waited in line for the better part of an hour it was worth it. We had so much fun! Intentional or not retailers should really consider syncing up events more often. It was so easy to effortlessly float from one event to the other.

Hope you enjoyed shopping local with me blog reader! 
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*All images were shot using the Nikon1 J4 (no editing, and quite literally used as a point and shoot). It does all the hard work for you.


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