Shortcut Recipe: Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich + BONUS HEALTH LESSON

A great gluten free vegan snack for a health nut on the run! 

So I’ll admit today’s recipe isn’t so much of a recipe so much as a snack with a little lesson in hemp hearts and their health benefits. However, I would argue that snacks are just as important as meals! Everyone has their weak points where their limits are truly tested, and mine just happens to be when I get home from work. When I get home from work it usually when I want something and I want it now, and this can be dangerous if I don’t have proper precautions in place! For me having a few staples around makes it a lot easier to stay on track. I like to keep on hand most of the time if not at all times (if possible): apples, oranges, bananas, avocado, chia seeds, hemp hearts, almonds, rye crackers, cottage cheese yogurt and/or almond milk. With these ingredients the possibilities are endless.

After I took this photo I immediately thought it would be delicious with hemp hearts, and so I sprinkled some on the sides where the peanut butter was sticking out. I ate my snack before I realized I needed another photo lol Blogger Fail!

So here’s what you need to create your delicious gluten free vegan snack 🙂

  • 1 banana
  • peanut butter (preferably natural and crunchy) 
  • hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds)

Not that this really requires any explanation, but just in case here’s what I did

I simply peeled the banana, and cut off the little ends to make it more uniform (I know I’m a weirdo), and then I cut the banana (vertically) in half so that I had two pieces (easier to pick up and eat like a sandwich).

I then carefully cut the banana horizontally so that my banana was now in four pieces, then I simply spread out the peanut butter on one side, and then topped it with the other side of the banana. I then sprinkled some hemp hearts along the edges to give my sandwich some crunch.

Why should you bother to eat hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) you might ask? 

Aside from their nutty and sweet like pine nut taste and they ability to offer a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids; they maintain their crunch unlike chia and flax seeds! Hemp Hearts have been dubbed at a “super food” and with good reason these little guys have virtually the highest concentrated balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and enzymes!

Hemp Hearts have been said to: 

  • Lower Blood Pressure / Encourage Heart Health
  • Improve Digestion
  • Suppress Appetite (i.e. encourage weight loss)
  • Increase Energy   
  • Lower Cholesterol  
  • Balance Hormones 
  • Fight Inflammation 
  •  Reduce Headaches and muscle cramps

Word of caution, Hemp Hearts have been known to thin your blood so steer clear of these if you have any bleeding problems! 

Where can you buy hemp hearts?

Hemp seeds can most often be found at your local grocery store (probably in the organic section) and/or bulk barn, and recently I think I even found them at Cost-Co! 

Hope you learned something today! It’s not all about fancy meals, and gorgeous photos it’s about being good to your body and giving it the right fuel! For more snack and food ideas please follow Short Presents on instagram @shortpresents ! 

Happy Tuesday, 
Short Presents

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