Shout-Out: Aaawwwwwww

Just a quick shout-out for Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia for keeping Hello City’s favourite animal alive and kicking on this wonderful planet.This is Monifa, the puppy sized and unbelievably adorable Pygmy Hippo calf which was saved from starvation and death solely thanks to two weeks of round the clock care of Renae Zammit and Tracy Roberts. With only a few thousand of these rideable Hippos still alive, every camera friendly life is vital. Here is a link to the story:,25197,24619742-5006784,00.html

Here’s to you Australia, your Hippo saving ways and your surprisingly attractive zookeepers!

Coffee & Pastries: Stephen Bowers

Halifax Pop Explosion: Luke Goguen of Matt Reid & Friends, Pete Sample