Shut up Dan, Headbands are for grownups too.

L-A: As you can probably guess, we’re pretty excited about the return of Gossip Girl on September 14. Keep your calendars open on that day – we’re still trying to work out plans for a Gossip Girl party. In the meantime, I thought we’d discuss one of my favourite trends to come from that show: the Blair Hair, the Coif a la Waldorf (thanks Nylon for that one), or, simply put: the headband.


That girl wears a headband better than anyone I know. Seriously. Hair to maim for? Yes. Yes it is.  More importantly, the headband is awesome. Which is why I disagree wholeheartedly with Dan Humphrey:

I hope that isn’t a spoiler that Blair is about to go sans headband. Although, now that we’re all wearing them, I guess it is time for Blair to set a new trend. Until we know what that is, I am prepared to fully embrace the headband.  Okay, I have already. I’m just going to continue to do so this fall. Although, I will say this – I do worry that I’m a bit old to be wearing giant Blair style headbands. I mean, Leighton Meester is in her 20s, but she plays a teenager. So would wearing such headbands work or not for a girl in her 30s?  I want to wear a giant bow on my head, but will I look like a raging idiot if I do? Hard to say (okay, not so hard. there’s a very good chance that I would). Anyway, some Blair-style headbands I love.

press_large_24 gall_1_large_19

Jennifer Behr actually designs some of the headbands used in the show. I like this gold knotted number because not only is it lovely, but it has a nautical feel to it and I think someone over the age of 18 can pull it off.

Also, she wears it when Chuck finally mans up and says he loves Blair.


Yet another reason to love that headband. (And that coat! Love that coat!)

We also see some more of Jennifer Behr’s hair accessories on Blair here:

vlcsnap-63050 gall_1_large_25

Again, lovely. The only trouble is, they don’t come cheap. There is a reason for this – the headbands are custom made to fit your head. Which makes me wonder: if it’s custom made, meaning it should properly fit your noggin, does that mean you don’t get that nasty headband headache?  Because if that’s the case, then I’ve got no troubles dropping $150-$225 for some seriously pretty headbands. If you haven’t got that kind of cash, I did see some really pretty satiny ones for far less at Club Monaco (I fully intend to head back there to buy one).

Another Blair fave of mine is her use of the giant bow:


I believe Chuck just broke her heart a little bit in that scene. But great headband. Again, it’s handmade. This one by Bashashandy – although, it sadly does not seem to be on their website. Too bad. Especailly as it was priced around the $70 mark, so not outrageous.

So, I’m not going to go through all of Blair’s headbands for you today because I have other headbands and hair accessories to talk about. But others have done a good job at rounding up where to buy those GG headbands and have even started amusing Facebook groups for those obsessed with the headbands (I’m guilty of joining said group).  The other hair accessories I’m like for fall are feathers. Yes! Feathers. I like them when they look all 1940s and noir:

brick2 fall15st21

The first is from the film Brick (which, BTW, is awesome: high school film noir!) and the other is from the past weekend’s Globe Style section. Both are great feather hair accessories. I can only say for sure that the second is availabe at Holt Renfrew. The one in the movie you just have to admire. Or you can try to find something similar elsewhere. Like these:

headband-dieselblackgold gall_1_large_24

Deep naby feather headband $28 at fredflarercom il_430xN.81412581

Clockwise you’ve got: Diesel Black Gold (available online at OAK), Jennifer Behr, Boring Sydney (etsy!), and Fred Flare (not sure they have this exact headband anymore…but they do have a couple of headbands with feathers.

I don’t love every hair accessory that includes feathers:

lanvin072 adm_2009-2010-01 forever21_feathers

There are the hair pieces that look like you’re just wearing bird wings on your head, which is less cute/sexy/mysterious and more taxidermy as fashion (umm…good work Lanvin!). Or maybe like you’re hanging out with Asterix and Obelix (That’d be yours Ann Demeulemeester. Which, if you happen to dig it, you can totally DIY). And then there is just the cheap looking, from I don’t know what kind of bird (hi Forever 21!).

And, a killer feather hair accessory (this one is for Ally and Jo):


Yeah, I know Carrie. That was an ill-conceived choice. It probably was the reason Big didn’t show up at the wedding.

Now, if you’re not into shopping online or buying your own custom headband, you can pick some up in Halifax. There are some real pretty ones by Halifax milliner Thea Crawford available at Love, Me and they are feathers and flowers and cost between $15 – $40 (depending on if you want a clip, a comb or a full on headband). I don’t have pictures of them, but at least one of them reminded me of the one from Brick and Thea has some mad hat making skills:


so that should tell you she knows how to make your head pretty.

(p.s. I know I mention Love, Me a lot…but for full disclosure: it’s because I work there and I get to see all the new and pretty things that come in on a regular basis. If you’re in Halifax, you should check it out AND check out all the other awesome local stores. Like the others from our fashion show – Lady Luck, Pretty Things, Sweet Pea – and so many more. Seriously. I love them all. I just spend more time at Love, Me).

Okay Ally, now that I’ve Gossip Girl’ed and headbanded everyone out. Your turn!  Tell me how awesome Carrie looks.  I probably won’t agree, but that’s okay. I still love you. And you know you love me.



AllyG: Oh, hello, L-A. What a wonderful way to start my morning. First off, I’m not even allowed to have more than one cup of caffeine and then  you decide to rip into my favourite fashion icon ever. You’re lucky that I got an egg mcmuffin after dropping Jeff off at work. Otherwise, I would be sobbing in my computer chair. Rest assured, I am only slightly hurt with egg mcmuffin crumbles down the front of my shirt. I need to make one thing very, very clear regarding Carrie’s “feather”. Ahem.


And it’s fabulous.

I do agree with you whole heartedly that Blair’s headbands are the shizzle. With that said, I have had serious trouble trying to find headbands that don’t make my head feel like it’s been placed in a pressure cooker. You want to know where I found the best headbands yet? Smart Set. Word. I love Smart Set. For reals. Anytime I need to run and grab something that would be perfect for any event, I head to Smart Set. They have yet to fail me. Including their headbands. Now, mind you, these are simple headbands. They came in a package of two. One black, and one black and white animal print. Simple, yet classic. I think Blair would agree. I do think that they have more fancy variaties. I checked their website and couldn’t find any examples, but I’ve sent them an email and hopefully they will get back to us.

Seriously, though, this red snake skin clutch is from Smart Set:



(Full disclosure: Smart Set is not giving me anything to pump up their brand, although I wish they would. Love them.)

Besides headbands, big hair is big for Fall. We should expect to see Serena sporting the latest from the Marc Jacobs F09 runway. Picture her with this hair and one of her ill-fitting dresses:


Seriously, Serena, Love  You. Love Herve Leger. Would love you in a larger size.

Blake Lively

I told you yesterday that bobby pins (lots of ‘em) were making a big comeback for Fall.  This was best shown at Christian Dior’s Fall 2009 show in Paris where he had his models wear so many pins they looked like they were sporting those cute little fighting caps from ancient Greece!

bobby pins



Is it just moi?

My latest issue of Fashion Magazine tells me that hair this Fall is all about big, whether up or down, and must look like you spent two hours putting it together. You know who does this so well? Flight attendants. Seriously. Especially French flight attendants. They are always, always coifed.

flight attendants

There is actually a really fantastic book documenting the lifestyle of flight attendants by Brian Finke (photographer of the image above). You can find out more about Flight Attendants here.

If you need inspiration for Fall’s look for hair, think Bridget Bardot.



You can even learn how to DIY! Youtube  and eHow are AWESOME!

Remember when Lilo tried to do Bardot? Snort.


Still in mourning.

Monet Minerals