Sigmax brushes review

Hi everyone! It has been a not so good day so far for us: horrible weather (extremely strong wind, rain), which lead to power outage and fire alarm going off twice in the morning. And I had to spend half of the day at home with Squirt as her lunch/ after school program is closed for the day, etc. Anyway, let’s get to the more exciting part of the day: my review on these fabulous brushes.

I was more than excited to be contacted by Sigma for a review opportunity of their Synthetic Face Kit with the 3 Sigmax brushes.

I have been following Sigma progress (new product releases, media exposure, etc.) for a long time. If I didn’t go over board with many brushes at 2 IMATS in the past, I would have owned a few Sigma brushes by now.

First impression: I was impressed of how well the brushes were packed. They each have a plastic sleeve to protect the bristles, and another thinner plastic tube to protect the handle. They come wrapped up in pink paper, packed inside a mesh bag, accompanied by a personalized card and a brochure of how to use the brushes. Everything you need!

Straight up: these brushes must be a new breed out there. They have one of the most densest heads I have seen.

As noted by Sigma, these brushes has Sigmax filament, which minimize product absorption (powder, cream and liquid) and perfectly buff products onto the skin, resulting in a high definition effect.

By my words, they fit right in with the fast trend of HD makeup, and are what I need to improve my foundation application and how it looks. It’s the wonder of makeup, just when you think you got it, there’s more to learn and improve.

Close up on each brush:

First, the F80 – Flat Top Kabuki.

In general, I’m a big fan of flat top kabukis since I owned Elf’s Flat top Powder brush. But as the name suggests, I find it work best with finishing powder, to set my liquid foundation. Not much with the foundation itself as half of it would stick to the brush instead of my face. F80 absorbs very little product, so I can get good coverage with small amount of foundation.

Also found that buffing is the best way to work this brush. I use to do the swiping back and forth and it takes longer to even out the foundation and avoid streaking. It might feel slower as you can only buff a small area at a time, but you can actually get the job done faster, as you don’t have to go back to take care of the streaks.

F82 is a Round Top Kabuki. This is my first as I don’t have anything like it.

It is the densest brush among the 3 but still feels soft on the touch, designed for smaller areas. I use it to buff in liquid concealer under my eyes and around my nose, and also buff liquid foundation in areas that need a bit extra coverage than the rest of the face (my dark spots and acne scars).

It does the job so well, and with the F80, they are a great pair for your desirable coverage with liquid foundation. I don’t own a cream foundation, but when I do, I will certainly bring these to the test.

Lastly, the F84 – Angled Top Kabuki.

I have enough practice with my Crown angled blush brush, so F84 isn’t a stranger to me. But it is certainly different in application. As it is a lot denser, it works the best with cream blushes. It deposits the right amount of blush on the cheeks and blends it out beautifully. A light hand with powder blush gives the same result.

Also the angled top provides the advantage of slant application of bronzer. It completes the trio of brushes needed for makeup application on your face.

Also wanted to note that these brushes wash well, without shedding, and they hold up their shapes, even without brush guards. The handles feel luxuriously heavy, which helps with application control. They certainly don’t feel cheap in anyway, quite a piece of art to own. I totally recommend them. Sorry but I don’t have any cons with these brushes.

The whole kit retails for $42 or $16 a brush individually. Sigma ships worldwide, so you have full access to the products they have. Watch their promotions to save, if you plan to place an order. As mentioned before, I am a Sigma’s affiliate but that doesn’t stop me to provide you with an honest review. The affiliate ad (and link, on the left hand side bar) is there for you to use if you want to help me out with some funds for future giveaway.

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