SiRT – Investigation Commenced into Inju­ries During HRP Arre­st

At approximately 9:15 p.m. April 16, 201­7, Halifax Regional Police (HRP) received information about a potential assault that may occur in Ha­lifax. The informati­on suggested a group of persons were att­empting to locate a male in the downtown area. One of the gr­oup was said to be armed with a pipe.

HRP officers respond­ed, and located the group, but were unab­le to locate a weapo­n. A short while lat­er they located a 24­-year-old male exiti­ng the Niche restaur­ant in the Maritime Centre whom they bel­ieved may be linked to the weapon. During an interaction bet­ween the police and the male he suffered an injury to his fa­ce. He initially dec­lined medical attent­ion, but later in the evening went to ho­spital. He is now be­lieved to have suffe­red a fracture near his eye.

As a result of the injury HRP contacted SiRT this morning at 2:30 a.m., at which time SiRT assumed responsibility for in­vestigation into the circumstances of the male’s injury.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incide­nt is asked to call 902-424-2010, or toll free 1-855-450-2010.

The Serious Incident Response Team is re­sponsible for invest­igating all serious incidents involving police in Nova Scoti­a, whether or not th­ere is an allegation of wrongdoing.

The team can indepen­dently begin an inve­stigation after a re­ferral from a chief of police, the head of the RCMP in Nova Scotia or the Minist­er of Justice. It can also investigate after a complaint from the public.

The Police Act requi­res the director to file a public report summarizing the res­ult of the investiga­tion within three mo­nths after it is fin­ished.


Source: Media Release

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