Sleep Tight! K9 Camo Ensures that the Bed Bugs Don’t Bite


Sleep Tight!  K9 Camo Ensures that the Bed Bugs Don’t Bite. 

Front N’Scenter Canine Enterprises, a Cole Harbour company that specializes in canine scent detection training, has recently announced the launch of a new canine bed bug inspection service available in Nova Scotia. K9 Camo, a one year old English Springer Spaniel, has been trained to sniff out live bed bugs in small numbers in order to target treatment and infestation prevention.

Trainer and handler, Barb Deg, states that “a trained detection dog has been shown to have more than a 95% accuracy in detection low numbers of live bed bugs.  This allows property owners to prevent infestations before they happen. Pest control operators are also able to target treatment to locations where it is needed, and reduce the amount of pesticides used”.

Camo works for a game of ball or a piece of meatball. Barb reports that Camo seeks out a chance to play the hide and seek game at every opportunity.

As spring and summer bring more travel and increased, it will also bring more chance of the spread of bed bugs.  Front N’Scenter Canine Enterprises and K9 Camo can be reached for further information at


Source : Media Release

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