Slow Down, Gandhi

I am planning on exorcising my mind these next few days with insane movies, so as to replace the real-life madness with an imaginary sort. This, of course, makes not a lot of sense, as I should be trying to soothe my troubled head, but unfortunately I’d rather watch stop-motion puppets from Hell over Meg Ryan romantic-comedies, right now.

What I’d like to watch over the next few days:

  • The aforementioned FAUST with its creepy puppets.
  • Tetsuo–The Iron Man: Of which someone close to me said: I will never have a scary dream again. This is because TETSUO contained every scary dream that could ever be dreamt.
  • Last House on the Left: The 1972 one, because I’ve never seen it and that’s wrong.
  • Maniac Cop: You Have the Right to Remain Silent. FOREVER.
  • The Element of Crime: The words “dazzling dystopia” were used in describing it.
Anywho, should be a good time these next few days. Aside from poisoning my mind with film, I shall be joining Andrew in his quest for an apartment. I shall be the dutiful assistant, one who has already gone through the rigours of shopping for a homebase. The newest homebase, if you haven’t heard, will be in Woodside for the next year or so, starting this July. I’m excited.

Also neat: the summation of Battlestar Galactica which will soon grace our TV screens. I honestly have no theories as to how this is going to all going to play out. It’s been a heck of a ride, and I wish the end wasn’t in sight.

I miss Josh and I wish he was here. I would totally be down for some Tartan Asian Extreme with a side of pizzaronis and maybe a dance-party. Do you think deep-fried pizza bites could be shipped to Toronto and remain grossly delicious? I sense a challenge coming on.

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