Slow Down, Work Zone Ahead

You know it is a sure sign of spring in Nova Scotia – road construction. To help keep workers safe on highways and roads, motorists are reminded to slow down and pay attention.

“Orange cones and traffic drums are usually what stand between highway workers and drivers during road construction,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Geoff MacLellan. “We’re asking all drivers to slow down, be patient and remain alert when travelling through work zones. By doing so we can save lives.”

Once again, the province, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association, is promoting work zone safety and encouraging motorists to slow down through radio ads and social media.

“We care about the safety of our workers and everyone who travels on our roads,” said Grant Feltmate, executive director of the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association. “If everyone does their part, plans ahead and respects work zones, we will be able to work through the 2016 road construction season safely and successfully.”

Here are some tips to keep drivers and roadside workers safe:
— slow down
— stay alert and minimize distractions
— keep a safe distance from workers and equipment
— respect the work zone signs, flaggers, and warnings
— expect the unexpected
— do not tailgate, keep a safe distance between vehicles
— plan your trip with plenty of extra time

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