SmartCity Business Show – Episode 10 in Review

Atlantis Systems Eduplus is a Halifax based company that designs software training programs for military personnel around the world! How cool is that? Craig Layton is right, this isn’t a cheesy flight simulator for the x-box; we’re talking military grade flight simulators! They do everything from simulating grounds crew to pilots. Now, I don’t know much about gaming consoles, planes or 3D animation but I do know this isn’t for your average gamer!


Carl Daniels, Manager of Atlantis Systems Eduplus, recognized the need to keep the company in Halifax. Halifax is home to over 25,000 undergraduate students (me being one of them), so the sky is the limit when it comes to utilizing our resources. It really makes me proud to know Carl see’s Halifax for what it truly is, a smart city!


Brianna Colford, Marketing & Communications Co-op Student

Brianna is with the Partnership on a four month work-term. She is in her final semester of Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University and spent the past 14 months working with Emera Inc. as a Communications Assistant. Born and raised in Halifax, Brianna enjoys the downtown atmosphere of the city she loves to call home.



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