SmartCity Business Show – Episode 12 in Review

Making connections is all about shaking hands – least that’s what I always say. Everywhere you go in Halifax, you see people achieving, innovating and growing their networks. Whether it is the Halifax Farmer’s Market, or the new Central Library, it takes the work of a community to achieve these milestones.

Craig asked Mount Professor, Leslie Brown, what is social capital? Leslie described it as an emphasis of relationships and networks.  I couldn’t help but relate this to my co-op experience. I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if it wasn’t for the MSVU’s Co-operative Education staff connecting me with the Partnership.

If you want to see where social capital is working for Halifax, look around!  It’s connecting our students to businesses, our businesses to investors, our investors to infrastructure. Derek Estabrook from Farmers Dairy reiterated BALLE Nova Scotia’s belief that local businesses, economies and communities will be more sustainable if we support each other – I couldn’t agree more.


Brianna Colford, Marketing & Communications Co-op Student

Brianna is with the Partnership on a four month work-term. She is in her final semester of Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University and spent the past 14 months working with Emera Inc. as a Communications Assistant. Born and raised in Halifax, Brianna enjoys the downtown atmosphere of the city she loves to call home.


Parking Ticket Rant.

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