SmartCity Business Show: Episode 8 in Review

During my first few days at GHP, Paul Kent & I were discussing all things Halifax. What’s our story? How do we thrive? How did we come about?

I contributed a few things: the people, the tourism, our sense of community. Without a doubt these are critical to our success, but I had only snapshots of a bigger picture. This is when Paul mentioned the Canadian Navy, parked just down the street from us. After this conversation, it was clear that their impact, from an economic, business, and community standpoint, is rarely completely realized.


The Navy is the heartbeat of our city. It is tightly woven into where we began, where we are, and where we are going.

Halifax has been home to the largest military establishment in the country, the Department of National Defense, for the last 100 years. We are home to the 11,000 people who raised $600,000 for charities last year and brings in over a billion of dollars of economic impact. This is huge! Brian Santarpia, Base Commander Captain, explains, “When you’re in the Navy, you spend at least half of your career in Halifax, if not more. This has become home to every sailor in the Navy.”  These people have established their entire lives here; they are raising families, coaching soccer teams, and enriching our community. This should be a major point of pride for us.

And how cool were those harbour shots? I guess there is a reason we’re called Canada’s Ocean Playground.


Maegblogpic2 Maeghan Murphy, Marketing & Communications Co-op Student

Maeghan is with the Partnership on a four month work-term. She is in her third year of Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University and had her first taste of the working world on her work-term with Nova Scotia Power this summer. Although she’ll always be a Cape Bretoner at heart, Maeghan is happy to now call Halifax her home.


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