Snow for Friday? HRP launches “Operation Winter Wise”

Halifax Regional PoliceEnvironment Canada is calling for periods of rain mixed with snow for Friday.

In their continued effort to address safety issues and educate citizens on the rules of the road, the Halifax Regional Police/RCMP Integrated Traffic Unit is reminding motorists of the importance of safe winter driving practices.

During Operation Winter Wise members of the Unit will conduct checkpoints throughout HRM, handing out pamphlets and advising drivers of the importance of sufficiently equipping their vehicles for the harsh Nova Scotia winter season.

Tips include the importance of winter tires and wiper blades, clearing of snow and ice from vehicles, and also slowing down during adverse driving conditions.

Many winter driving collisions are attributed to drivers not adjusting their speed to road and weather conditions.

During Operation Impact in October, the Unit focused on seatbelt enforcement. It was noted that the overwhelming majority of drivers and passengers were buckled up, but not everyone.

The Unit wrote a total of 776 Summary offence tickets during the month, 80 of them for seatbelt violations.

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