So You Think You Can Zumba!

Wooohooo bloggies did we ever boogie down tonight!  Tonight we finally got coordinated to attend our first Zumba class at the GoodLife and not only did Lesley and Lex join me, but Tammi took the twitter bate and came along with us too!  WOOT!  We were all first timers, but were super excited because check it out:


Ditch the Workout – Join The Party! Zumba has easy to follow moves and routines. Featuring interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavour and international zest into the mix and you’ve got ZUMBA! See your club for class dates and times.

And FYI, if you think you can’t burn as many calories dancing around and shaking your booty, you’re just plain wrong!  I was curious and wore my heart rate monitor and I burned 450 calories which is comparable to what I burned last night doing FitKick.

We shook our booties (booty?) to some Shakira and lots of other latin music and I absolutely LOVED it! Another FYI:  You do not have to have any rhythm of any kind to take this class (trust me on this one! lol) and to be perfectly honest I didn’t see one person in that class that really knew the moves and didn’t look like everyone else.  The class was full of course, which means that you have to arrive at least 15 minutes early and line up to get your “ticket” to ensure your spot in the class, but totally worth it and since it’s not worth it for me to go all the way home after work and come back, I’m there early anyway!

P.S. Don’t use the microwave at the Superstore @ Joseph Howe because OMG Ewwwww (I tweeted the details about that while I was trying to amuse myself while waiting for the other girls! lol)  I had packed my supper to take with me to eat there while waiting for the class since I got off work 2 hours before the class.  Let’s just say, I ate cold chicken and cold green beans!  “Clean up in aisle 5!”

Mid-Week Check-In: So far I’ve got 3 exercise sessions in with one more planned for Thursday.  I’ve still got about 10 Flex POINTS left and all of my Activity POINTS.  I have to say, since joining the WW meetings, I don’t think I’ve eaten THIS good on a consistent basis for as long as I can remember, if EVER!

Who says that following WW dooms you to processed 100 calorie packs?!  In fact, I’m kind of going to make it my mission to prove that it’s just not so!

Time to get my lunch ready for tomorrow!

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