Sock It To Ya

Put a little spring into your step fellas, and get headed in the right direction! This season it's all about the exposed ankle! To be honest it's really actually an exciting time for menswear, as the clothing for men is becoming slightly more and more bold and less and less boring (Thank God)! Now I will admit I love a good printed sock when I see one, but there is a fine line between pulling off this look. Just remember the crazier doesn't necessarily mean the better!

When sporting a fun sock it's important to not to be too aggressive with the pant rolling. Just a little show is enough fellas we don't want you to look like you are waiting for a flood or that you a Steve Urkel either . Now this guys is an example of what NOT to do!

Personally I think the pants are rolled too high. I like the idea of being playful with your socks and shoes, but I find this to be too aggressive.  If this gentleman kindly rolled down his pants just once I think it would do the trick! And also maybe if the jeans were a darker shade! What is with that fading at the knee?

The photo below is another example of fun socks gone awry. This photo is an example of poor color mixing. I appreciate his effort, but the coloring here is all wrong for me.  Now I love everything about this outfit except the color and texture of the shoe. 
Had this shoe been a darker, richer, or even shinier shade of brown I think I could dig this, but there's something about the color and texture of this shoe that is throwing me off.
Hope this blog post helps! Sometimes it is as equally important to know what not to do, as much as it is to know what to do! If you have any styling questions please fire them over to me at or via twitter by tweeting @shortpresents!  
Happy Monday Fellas!
Short Presents
*All of these photos were retrieved via Pinterest and I apologize sincerely if the contend featured here offends you. These photos are simply used as an example and are not intended to insult anyone! I appreciate all fashion risks and choices and to each their own. The above is simply my personal opinion.

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