Sonia Kashuk lip products

So I went back to Target for more Sonia Kshuk at 50% off. Most items had safety wraps, which was great but made it hard to judge the colours, despite the colour indications on the tubes.

With Target accelerating all store closures to mid April, I figure swatches might be helpful when you go shopping.

The 2 chubby (twistup) pencils are the Lustrous Shine lip crayons in Orchid and Dahlia, 0.08oz/ 2.3g, reg. $8.99 each.

The other 3 pencils are the Velvety Matte lip crayons in Poppy Nude, Rosey Nude and Mulberry Nude, 0.08oz/ 2.3g, reg. $7.59 each. These do not twist up.

The textures stay true to the product names. The Lustrous Shines are glossy and smooth while the Velvety Mattes are quite matte (not full on though). Both are easy to apply, not drying and comfortable to wear.

Pigmentation is excellent! The Lustrous Shines appear brighter than how they look in the tube. The colour indications on the packaging fit between the bullet colours and the swatch colours in most cases.

You would be surprised to know my favorite colour among these 5 is Mulberry Nude, lower right corner 🙂

On to the lipsticks.

I got 4 Satin Luxe lip colours SPF16 in Pink Buff, Currant, Red Orange and Spiced Berry, 0.12oz/ 3.4g, reg. $9.99 each.

With a typical lipstick size but squared (and a bit bulky) tubes, these lipsticks have similar texture as the Lustrous Shines above, but not as shiny. I reach for them most often.

I ventured to nude territory with this line. Red Orange is undeniably beautiful but Currant is a nice nude for pigmented lips like mine. And Spiced Berry is totally on trend. I am not sure about Pink Buff on me just yet 🙂

I even went to sheer territory with the Shine Luxe sheer lip colours in Sheer Pink Lust, Sheer Plum and Sheer Rouge, 0.09oz/ 2.7g, reg. $10.99 each.

Still the squared (but thinner and longer) tubes, these have the most product inside the packaging and the highest price point among the 4 types of lip products in this post.

The tube colours are definitely not an indication of how they look on the lips, due to the sheer finish. Sheer Pink Lust would not show up much on me and the other two give a slight hint of colour only. I will repeat myself though to say these lipsticks feel nice on and wear comfortably.

Phew, that was a lot of colours. It will boil down to your preference in textures and finishes in a lip product to pick a favorite, but I hope the swatches are helpful.

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