Blog: $800 Raised for Movember

2009-11-28-29150I just want to do a quick thank you to everyone who helped me fund raise $800.00 this past Movember for Prostate Cancer research!

I won’t lie, there were so many times I wanted to shave that thing off my face because I knew it looked gross which in turn made me look gross (I also wanted to make a shirt that said “No, I don’t usually have this thing on my face and yes I’m actually good looking), but I knew it was for a good cause and that it had to be done.

There are far too many people who helped me by donating to give shout outs to you all individually, but you all know who you are and you all know how much I appreciated it and how much it meant to me that you donated to such a great cause!  Everyone keeps telling me that I did such a good thing but all I did was grow some facial hair… I want to tell you all that you did a great thing and to give yourselves a pat on the back for your efforts.

And if you’re wondering, YES, I’ll be doing it again next Movember!

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