Benefits of Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training

By Kyle Roesler

This is Kyle Roesler‘s follow up post to his “My Venture into Personal Training

kettlebellKettlebell training has been around for centuries.  It was developed in the 1700s, by the Russians (whom use them to this day).  The following is meant to introduce you to the advantages of Kettlebell training, as well as answer some of the common questions about this type of workout.

What is a Kettlebell?

At first glance it looks like a cannonball, with what appears to be a suitcase handle attached to it.

How would you use that for working out?

The answer to this question is a little more complex, because there is such a tremendous range of possibilities. The Kettlebell Swing, the Clean and Press, and the Snatch, are but a few of the Kettlebell exercises that can be done with a single Kettlebell.

Kettlebell training can be difficult at first, because it requires a skill set to be developed, in order to do the exercises properly and avoid causing injury (which is why it is recommended to have a Kettlebell certified Personal Trainer assist you with these workouts).  However, once you train your body to do the movements using the proper techniques, Kettlebell training becomes a very intense and empowering workout.

Using Kettlebell training not only gives you a resistant type workout (as does lifting free weights), it also gives you an extreme cardio workout at the same time (giving you your full workout in half the time).  Because of the time based exercising that is involved, you are sure to increase your heartbeat well into your cardio range. This means that instead of doing sets and repetitions, you work for a set period of time.  This method of training allows you to keep your heart rate up, while working at your own pace; therefore, this type of training is suitable for anyone, regardless of current fitness level!  Furthermore, there is no need to worry about isolating body parts (as in most workout routines), because every time you workout using Kettlebells, you’re getting a FULL BODY workout! Throwing in some body weight exercises, such as burpees and pushups, keeps the workouts fun and keep you moving! J

If Kettlebells are so beneficial, then why do so few people know about them?

Interestingly, just over 50 years ago, most people knew and used Kettlebells frequently, but when Atlas and Schwarzenegger introduced Dumbbells and machines, Kettlebells were nearly forgotten in favour of these new techniques.  Unfortunately, most of the advantages of using Kettlebells were also forgotten, which include getting a strong and lean body.

What about those who say that Kettlebells hurt your back?

This is actually not true (when they are used properly). Although you do use your back while exercising with Kettlebells, you also use a lot of other muscles at the same time (so you’re not putting all the stress on your back). For the most part, the muscles being used are your glutes, your hamstrings, and the muscles in your back.  This combination is called your lumbar chain, and by using these three sets of muscles at once you make the lift easier on your body, and avoid injury.

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of Kettlebells, or you are still unsure about how they work, come to Scotia Square Nubody’s. People are getting real results from the use of these simple weights, and the word is spreading fast. To get introduced to Kettlebells contact me at Scotia Square Nubody’s, phone number: 492-9289.

We have new Kettlebell classes starting February 15th! Hope to see you all there.

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