Read the Labels kids…

There are many terms out there that marketers use in the food industry that you have to be wary of: Fat Free, Reduced Fat, Low Fat, Sugar Free, No Added Sugar, Diet,  Calorie Wise… The list goes on and on.

What you have to be careful about is that something that is labeled as “Fat Free” could be jammed packed with calories and vice versa; something labeled as “Calorie Wise” may have a lot of fat in it.

A good example of this are Twizzlers.  They say they’re fat free, which may be true, but they have 160 calories in 4 pieces and 19 grams of sugar.  That’s a lot of sugar and empty calories for something that is “fat free”.

Another example of good marketing by food companies is Vitamin Water.  They talk a lot about the vitamins they’re giving you and how it’s specially formulated to do this and that for you and they use clever names for their products like “Endurance”, “Energy”, “Defense” and “Rescue”… But what they neglect to tell you is that in each bottle has more sugar in it than a can of Pop. Not really what you expect in your healthy Vitamin Water.

These are just a few quick examples as to why you should always read the labels on the products you’re eating and drinking and why you should be wary of the diet buzz words that are out there.

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