The Saint John Mill Rats

The Saint John Premier Basketball League franchise today unveiled their new name and logo. Well, their new logo at least.

The team has decided to keep the Mill Rats nickname that had been formerly used by the franchise when it was in Manchester.

A contest was held via text message to determine the team’s new identity and closed less than a week ago.

It is nice to retain the Mill Rats, name though I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing what could be done with an entirely new concept. Mill Rats is still quite fitting with the industrial history of the Saint John area. I certainly prefer this design focusing on the hard working mill employee versus the literal representation of an actual rodent. I’d hate to see a giant rat wondering the stadium as the mascot.

The logo is strong with nice colouring, and I think will be marketable to a youthful audience. I tend to prefer a more iconic type of logo for organizations that can be identified from a distance when detail might be obscured. But still I think this could work well.

With the logo unveiling now complete, the team will likely focus its attedniton on filling out its roster for the the winter season. Timelines could be pushed up for this process, as there has been some reports the season could begin as early as October if Puerto Rican clubs join the league.

I would love to hear what people think of the new team’s identity. What do you think of the name and new logo? Pass? Fail? Meh?

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