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Happy 1st Birthday to Your Inner Skinny

Here we are, a year later and a year wiser.  Well, I’m not sure about that second part, but I can try to pretend.

I can’t even begin to try and describe what this past year has meant to me.  I never thought that Your Inner Skinny would be anything more than a personal blog for my friends to read when they were bored at work (and I’m sure that’s what half of my views are) but it’s become so much more, to both me and some others.

The reason I started YIS was because during my own weight loss, I did a lot of reading and research online as to how to and the best way to lose weight.  I wasn’t happy with most of what I read because it was things like; “You need to eat perfectly all the time.”  or  “You can’t drink beer or eat pizza and you have to train at the gym 5-6 days a week.”.  At the time, I believed all of these things because I didn’t know any better.  I’m not saying these things aren’t true, but if you’re just an average Joe or Jane looking to lose weight and not looking to compete in fitness competitions, it’s OK to have a few beer on the weekend and a slice or two of ‘za once every couple of weeks while watching the game.  These are actually things that will help you progress instead of fail!

I could rant and rave about on this subject for ever, so I’ll move on…

I want to thank everyone for your support during the growth of Your Inner Skinny over the past year.  I love getting emails saying that I’m “inspirational” (I mean, who doesn’t like that kind of thing) and the tweets I get on Twitter from people make me smile and the support from everyone in general is amazing!  These are the reasons I keep this site going and growing.

Alright, enough sappy crap…  Here’s a few things that I’ve been working on.

Your Inner Skinny FINALLY has a brand of it’s own.

As you may or may not have noticed, YIS has a new website design as well (I designed it!).  There are new features like “Workout Of the Week”, “Recipe Of the Week”, “Video Of the Week” and “Ask the Experts”.  The blog is still going to be a main focus of the site, as people seem to love to know what other people are doing and I quite enjoy writing, but  I want the site to grow in to a bit more than just a blog and for it to be a place where people come to get recipes, workouts and advice and have it be a hub for fitness and healthy living.

Next I will be redesigning and relaunching my graphic design and web design company (untitled design) website, as it hasn’t been updated in about 7 years.  From there I’ll be tying it’s branding in a bit more in to the Your Inner Skinny brand and I’ll be starting to go after the niche market of the healthy living, fitness and well being areas.  I’d be dumb to limit myself just to this small group so I’ll be still working on other things but it’s where my main focus for my company.  So if you or someone you know is in the need for some graphic design or web site design work, send ‘em my way!

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