Another Fitness Deal: Real Ryders

real_rydersOver the past few days I’ve been given the chance help you guys save some coin on some great fitness classes here in Halifax and today I have another fitness deal for you folks; Real Ryders spin classes at Core Essentials Fitness. Laurissa, the owner of Core, has written for this site before and Core is a great place to train as they’re all very friendly and they’ve just recently completely redone their workout facility.

Today’s deal is for some real ryder spin classes. ($40 for an $86 Five Class Visit for Real Ryder Spin Classes). You have to click this link and go through the process to get the savings, but it’s worth the 2 minutes it takes to create an account for the savings you get and to get your cardio ass kicking for the day.

If you don’t know anything about Core Essentials, here’s a bit about them:

Core Essentials was opened more than 3 years ago at the flagship location located at 50 Queen St. Utilizing RealRyder bikes and great teachers, Core Essentials will put your lower body to work using muscles you may have never known you had in the first place. RealRyder is the only indoor cycle that allows the rider to functionally engage the upper body and core musculature while the legs do the pedalling. The RealRyder bikes have an 18 degree lean on each side. The exercise offers enhanced total-body fitness benefits while bringing the natural movements of outdoors cycling indoors. Not only is cycling a fantastic cardio workout, Core Essentials also makes it fun and enjoyable. Creating an environment that is friendly and warm, with great positive energy, you will be able to get the best possible cycling workout. Choose from a variety of classes offered during the week and on weekends that fit perfectly with your schedule.

Core Essentials also offers a number of cycling gear and apparel for the biking enthusiast to take advantage of. cycling classes is only the beginning at Core Essentials, as a number of other classes and instructors will guide you on your way to a brand new healthy lifestyle. Quality gear and quality instructors will make your 5 class pass an enjoyable experience while you get one of the best workouts possible.

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