Walk Together

Well, wedding week is officially over.  It finished with a bang in the best ways.  Todays wedding was beautiful and joyful and emotional.  I am now excited to announce that I have a new brother, and I could not be more pleased about it.

I didn’t mean to leave the blog high and dry for a week, but this past week has been busy.  Cameron has been AMAZING! but next week my goal will be to spend as much time with him as possibly snuggling, being quiet, and getting back into a routine.

Since I am absolutely exhausted and don’t remember the last time I went to bed before midnight, I will leave you with the Maid (Matron… ugh) of Honour toast that I gave at the wedding.  Although it is specific to my sister and her (NEW!!!!!) husband, I do think it has some relevant pointers to everyone in a committed relationship.

Amy and Dave, You are officially married!  I am so excited and thrilled for you both!  Today has been absolutely beautiful, and you both did a fabulous job putting together such a lovely wedding.  I know that I do not speak only for myself as I thank you for allowing all of us to share in such a special and momentous event.
Some of you in attendance tonight have only just had the pleasure of meeting Amy today.  Others have watched her grow up.  Still others know her as THE Amy Jones, President of the ABUSA, future PhD, and altogether overachiever.
I have the unique privileged of knowing Amy as my little sister.  Clearly, as the older sister of THE Amy Jones, it is only right that I impart on you my impeccable knowledge and priceless advice.  In fact, I am pretty sure that is is my responsibility to give you a little marital advice on this, the first day of your marriage.
My golden nugget of wisdom to both of you is this: Always walk side by side.  I mean this literally as well as figuratively:  Be partners.  Share your life together.  Hold hands.  But Dave, never forget to actually walk with Amy.
You see, about ten years ago, our family took a trip across Canada.  We stopped often to experience the wonder and beauty of the landscape.  On one such occasion, we took a trip up a gondola to the top of a mountain.  The mountain was breathtakingly beautiful, but Amy and I were particularly interested in the gift shop that was perched precariously on the summit.  We entered the gift shop with our parents and started to browse, oohing and ahing at the postcards, the novelty key-chains, and the quintessentially Canadian stuffed animals.  After a few minutes, we became aware that our parents were nowhere to be found.  I was no more than 14 years old, and Amy was younger.  Although I was certainly old enough to babysit, I was pretty sure that I was definitely Not old enough to be left on a mountain top alone with a bunch of strangers and a younger sister.
Eventually, we realized that we were not on the upper-most peak of the mountain and that there was a walking trail that lead further up.  As we gazed searchingly along this trail for our parents, our eyes could only see the blur of hundreds of people.
After a brief moment of freaking out, we eventually caught sight of a tiny yellow rain jacket bobbing up and down through the crowds, making its way up the mountain.  This rain jacket belonged to our little sister Molly who happened to be perched atop Dad’s shoulders.  Amy and I quickly stormed up the mountain, discussing angrily all the reasons why our parents could have possibly forgotten us.  (In fairness to my parents, it was a mistake and not evidence of bad parenting on their part).
When we finally got to the lookout we found our family.  Crisis averted, I though.  All was resolved.  Our family was back together.  We could be calm and collected and happy again.  Or so I thought…
Amy still hasn’t gotten over it.
Dave, never ever leave Amy behind.  You will come to regret it each and every time.
So today, I hand over to you the very precious responsibility of being Amy’s companion.  I am trusting you with this responsibility, Dave, because you see, Amy is my precious sister.  She is the one that I have played with and imagined with and grown with. Take time together to search for and embrace the beauty of life.  When life gives you silly gift shops, laugh together about the goofiness.  When you climb your mountains together, celebrate when you get to the peak.
And when you realize that their is still more grueling mountain to climb and you feel like you are alone staring up at the steep trek ahead of you?  Don’t try to get a head start.  Instead, walk with determination together, just like I did with Amy years ago.
Finally, when the two of you have been walking together up a steep incline and you need a little more support, we will be there – your family.
Welcome to the family Dave.  We are excited and ready to wrap our love around you as you and Amy start your adventure together.
To Amy and Dave.


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