Meet our New Contributing Dietitian

Krista Leck Merner, PDt from Bent Fork Nutrition


I have always loved food! Combined with my passion for active lifestyles and teaching, the choice was clear when I entered University! I enrolled in a Nutrition & Kinesiology degree at Acadia University, and have never looked back! After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition (Honours) and Kinesiology, I completed my Dietetic Internship and am a registered member of both the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada.

Over the past five years, I have worked within the fields of fitness and community health. I have worked with countless numbers of individuals, athletes, workplaces and community groups to improve their nutrition practices. Combined with my personal passion for health and wellness and the desire to help others adopt this lifestyle, I have helped hundreds of clients achieve success! Whether it be in losing weight, regulating blood sugars, increasing vegetable intakes or improving performance—my approach to nutrition is individualized, realistic and goal oriented. There is often a misconception that dietitians will only tell you what not to eat! However, this is not always the case! I love to combine my own love of food, with my client’s food preferences and lifestyle, to achieve success in establishing lifelong healthy habits!

It’s not always an easy journey; however, the road to good health is worth it! Determine your overall goals, break them down into manageable bite-sized pieces and track your progress! Find non-food rewards along the way to stay motivated and on track!

While being active is a core pillar to a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition has been attributed to upwards of 70% of your overall success! Stay posted for more tips on nutrition, my own journey to good eating and the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur in the health industry!

For more Information:

Krista Leck Merner, PDt

(902) 495-6747

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