SPCA Cape Breton Animal Shelter Evacuating due to Nova Scotia Storm

The Nova Scotia SPCA is starting the process of evacuating the Cape Breton Shelter amidst growing concerns about the roof after a record-breaking snowstorm. Ceilings and beams are starting to bow underneath the weight, and there is fear of the roof collapsing.

“We currently have 45 animals in the shelter and staff taking care of them. We need to look out for their safety,” says Elizabeth Murphy, Nova Scotia SPCA CEO. “Our shelter is showing the signs of age and wear, we can not take this risk.” All animals have been removed from the area of highest concern.

Of the 45 animals in the shelter, there are:
-19 Dogs (adult and puppies)
-25 Cats
-1 Rabbit

Staff have been sent from Dartmouth with the SPCA’s Animal Transport Vehicle and vans to remove animals from the Cape Breton Shelter. The animals will be triaged and placed in other shelters across the province until it is safe to return. The SPCA has spoken with a contractor who is working to pull together a crew to safely remove the snow and ice. This will allow for the SPCA to have the structural integrity of the building assessed. At this time a re-opening date for the Cape Breton SPCA Shelter and veterinary hospital has not been determined.

The cost of repairs to fortify the shelter is undetermined. The Nova Scotia SPCA is working on plans for a new shelter in Sydney, to replace the current East Broadway building built in 1977. If you would like to help with the current crisis or support a new Cape Breton building for the SPCA please visit novascotiaspca.ca/helpnow/.

The public is asked to not travel to the shelter, and the veterinary hospital will be re-booking clients when it is safe to do so.


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