SPCA in Cape Breton: “Phoebe needs your help!”

**** SPCA Media Release


Phoebe needs your help!

On June 15th, SPCA Enforcement Officers responded to an after-hours emergency call. They rescued an injured black and white, female cat on Gillis Lane in Dominion, Cape Breton. It was clear that Phoebe’s leg was broken but X-ray scans showed the trauma was much worse. Phoebe was shot with a .22 caliber gun.

The bullet went through Phoebe’s back leg into a front leg shattering the bone. Emergency veterinary surgery was performed at the SPCA Cape Breton Animal Hospital where the cat’s front leg was medically amputated.

We are heartbroken for this innocent pet. This is a malicious, senseless act and we need your help to fight for justice. Anyone who has any information, or who may have witnessed the incident, is being asked to call the SPCA’s confidential toll-free hotline at 1-888-703-7722.

Phoebe will spend several weeks recovering under close medical supervision. Until medically cleared, she will not be entertaining adoption interest or visitors. The complicated surgery is a huge undertaking for the Cape Breton SPCA because we do not receive any government funding for our shelter. Animal-lovers who want to help support Phoebe’s long road to recovery are encouraged to visit:



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