Special Warrants Fund Government Activity

Government has approved special warrants of $1.06 billion for capital spending and operating expenses.

“These special warrants are not uncommon and are necessary for the smooth continuation of government activity until a budget is passed in the fall,” said Karen Casey, Minister of Finance and Treasury Board. “These warrants will allow infrastructure projects that were not part of the last special warrant to begin and to ensure government’s programs and services are funded until the end of October.”

The Finance Act allows departments and entities to spend up to 50 per cent of their previous year’s approved budget until a budget is passed. Special warrants provide funds if they are expected to exceed that amount.

The special warrants announced today, July 19, include $888 million for operating expenses, $99 million capital spending and $75 million for debt-servicing costs.

Government has had two previous special warrants this fiscal year: $10.9 million for Elections Nova Scotia and $168 million for capital spending.

For more information from the Department of Finance and Treasury Board, visit www.novascotia.ca/finance.

Source: Release

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