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The other day I had a MAJOR craving for sushi, but I was not interested in eating a ton of white rice. Then I got to thinking maybe I could make sushi with quinoa! So I did what I do, and I started googling the possibilities, and from what I could gather it was just the same as using rice. So I figured why not?!

I gave it a go! And I’m happy to report back that it turned out REALLY great! I would totally do it again. I lovvvvvved the texture, and I really like that it’s a better carb. It was a little messy, so definitely take that into consideration before getting into  rolling your sushi. The quinoa doesn’t stick together as well as the sticky rice when you are scooping it onto the mats, but as far as once it’s rolled there’s really no difference.

1 package of Sushi mats (Nori Sheets)  
1.5 cups of Quinoa 
3 cups Water 
1/3 cup of Rice Vinegar  
Cooked Shrimp (a 500g thawed bag usually works) 
Spicy Sauce (Mayo + Sriracha sauce)  
French Fried Onions (near the croutons) 


Rinse 1 1/2 cups of quinoa, and place in rice cooker with three cups of water. Cook.

Once the rice is cooked it will need to be cooled before you can handle it (ouch). Do not put it in the refrigerator directly after it is cooked because if rice goes from hot to cold too quickly it can grow bacteria real fast. Before you cool the rice, toss cooked rice with 1/3 cup of rice vinegar, and set aside over an ice water bath (a larger bowl full of ice water underneath it).

While the rice cools you can thaw your shrimp by placing it in a bowl or colander under running cold water. Once it is thawed out, pull the tails off (sorry little guys) and toss with the Spicy Sauce. Refrigerate. 

Once your rice is cool to the touch you are ready to roll your sushi! If you’ve not made sushi before head on over to my previous “How to Make to Make Sushi” post for instructions on how to roll it!

What do you think blog reader? Would you do it?
Happy Tuesday! 
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