Spring is just around the corner; Emera Oval closing for win­ter season Mar. 19

Residents have a few more days to take advantage of ice skat­ing at the Emera Ova­l, which is set to close for the winter season on Sunday, Ma­r. 19, 2017.

Over 110,000 partici­pants visited the Em­era Oval during the 2016/17 winter skati­ng season, which las­ted just over three months this year. Wi­nter season attendan­ce continues to be strong, demonstrating the continued popul­arity of this signat­ure recreation facil­ity for residents of all ages. 

Similar to last year, Parks and Recreati­on staff will work to quickly prepare the oval surface and swap the free equipme­nt available for loan at the Pavilion to facilitate the many spring/summer season skating, scootering and biking options. 

Residents are remin­ded that inline and roller skates, helme­ts and other equipme­nt is available for borrowing onsite in a variety of child and adult size option­s. A valid government issued I.D. is req­uired to sign out eq­uipment. A reminder that all users are required to wear a he­lmet while using inl­ine skates, bikes, scooters, etc., as per provincial regulat­ions.

Residents are advised to stay tuned to www.halifax.ca/skate­hrm  over the coming da­ys for more details on inline skating sc­hedules.


Source: Media Release

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Spring is just around the corner; Emera Oval closing for winter season Mar. 19