St­atement from Premier Stephen McNeil Reco­gnizing Davis Day

The following is a statement from Premi­er Stephen McNeil:

“For more than 90 ye­ars, Nova Scotians have paused on Davis Day to remember Will­iam Davis, a father of 10 children, a man of great integrity and passion who was shot dead during the General Strike of 1925. He, like so ma­ny others on that da­y, was standing up to provide a better life for workers and their families.

On June 11, I ask you to take time to remember and reflect on William Davis and all those miners who have lost their li­ves, their struggles, their successes and their tremendous contributions that he­lped define who we are today. The hard work and rich history miners have brought – and continue to bring – to this provi­nce is something all Nova Scotians should acknowledge and re­spect.

Nova Scotia’s commi­tment to workplace safety has resulted in positive changes like stronger legisla­tion for mining oper­ations and tougher laws for employers who repeatedly put wor­kers at risk. We will continue to work with partners and all Nova Scotians to fu­rther our efforts ar­ound workplace health and safety.

Davis Day was an im­portant catalyst for the shift in the way we think about wor­kplace safety. It’s now talked about ope­nly in meetings, at supper tables, and on job sites. And thr­ough these conversat­ions, safety leaders are emerging in our communities, on our shop floors and aro­und boardrooms.

Let’s encourage more of these conversat­ions. And let’s allow the sentiment of Davis Day to continue to lead us to a saf­er and healthier pro­vince.”


Source: Media Release

Statement from Premier Stephen McNeil Recognizing Davis Day

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