Staff Pick – The Doll by Taylor Stevens

Taylor Stevens will permanently put you on the edge of your seat from the very first page. Her writing style and characters pull you into the story and you live, breath, and feel for Michael, Bradford, Logan, and all other characters that becomes twisted into the plot that is Michael’s life.

I put this book on hold as soon as it was ordered and waited, and waited, and even checked my list to make sure I didn’t miss it! I thought initially that it was a stand alone book, but after receiving it, realized it continues on from the last. The first two books in this series, The Informationist and The Innocent, gave the framework for this incredible chapter in Michael’s life.

In The Doll (M), Michael is dropped into the violent and sadistic world controlled by a man called The Doll Maker, and forced to do exactly as asked. By not complying, those who Michael holds close will be hurt, tortured, killed; even those that Michael felt she has kept safe from her past.

Stevens puts Michael in one horrendous scenario after another; and several times Michael only made it through by the skin of her teeth. She is pushed to her limits and even making a simple decision become life and death; more than likely death for someone.

I read this in just two settings, staying up quite late finishing it – I had to! It was just as wonderfully written and soul grabbing as the others. I kept thinking about the book long after I finished it, asking questions, thinking of parts where drastic situations occurred and wondered what I would have done. The situations, while pushed to the extreme, could very well occur IRL (in real life). I feel that may be why I love Steven’s book so much.

~ Doreen

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