Staff Pick – The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George

The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George (M)

Staff Pick - The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George Elizabeth George is mostly associated with adult titles, however this specific novel is dedicated to young adults, and is the first of a ‘cycle’ that George is planning to release. Enter excitement here!
Becca King seems to be just like any other ordinary teenage girl: she goes to class, wears makeup, likes boys, and usually has music streaming from ear buds. A normal teenager.
On second glance, Becca King is on the run. She has a special talent, she can hear the whispers that most people don’t even know they are expelling inside their heads. Because of this, Becca wears a AUD box that streams static into her ears so she can give people privacy, and give herself some sanity.
Life was pretty much normal until Becca hears the whispers of her step-father that puts her and her mother, Laurel, in danger. They run. Becca ends up on Whidbey Island and there, tries to blend in and wait for her mother. Blending is not that easy when you are new and mysteriously different than the other teens.
I enjoyed this book and didn’t put the pieces together until I was nearly finished. The end itself even threw me for a loop! It is written from the point of the view of a teenager, but Becca herself, is smart and wise. You soon realize the book is dense, full of twists and turns, and the characters seem to be gibber than life with every page. I am anticipating the next book in this new series with little patience!

With any book dealing with the paranormal, there are endless read a likes, within both the adult and young adult sections. Paranormal, abandoned children, physic ability, and secrecy are all subjects where you can immerse yourself into a great book, a great read!


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