Stanfield Airport bounces back, sees significant profit

Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) says they have turned things around financially since the pandemic, announcing at their latest public meeting that they made a profit of $16 million in 2023. This is a big change from losing $7.4 million in 2022. Joyce Carter, the President and CEO, praised her team for their hard work in bringing more flights and services back to the airport, which played a key role in getting their finances back on track. As travel returned almost to what it was before the pandemic, the airport saw a lot more activity, which helped improve their financial health.

The financial boost is evident in their revenue, which shot up by 25% to $139.5 million. The increase in income was helped by an increase in passengers, which saw a 15% rise. This wasn’t just in regular flights but also in new services and better facilities for travelers. They also spent more on making the airport better, which went up by 23%, focusing on safety and efficiency for everyone traveling through Halifax Stanfield.

Paul Brigley, the Vice President of Finance, shared how relieving it was to see the financial situation improve after the hard hits they took during the pandemic. This positive change in their finances means they can keep investing in the airport, making it better for travelers by improving facilities and the overall travel experience.

Looking to the future, HIAA has plans to keep on enhancing the airport. With more projects and improvements on the horizon, they are set on maintaining this momentum. Carter is excited about the achievements so far and is eager to see what the future holds for Halifax Stanfield, aiming to provide excellent services and a smooth traveling experience for everyone who comes through.

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