Statement from Halifax Shipyard regarding collective bargaining with Unifor Local 1

The following is a statement from Kevin McCoy, President, Irving Shipbuilding regarding collective bargaining with Unifor Local 1:

We believe the tentative collective agreement reached with the Unifor Local 1 bargaining committee is fair for the company, union and shipbuilders, and are disappointed in the result of the ratification vote. Given that both the Local and National members of the Union bargaining committee recommended that this tentative agreement should be accepted, in the days ahead we will keep the lines of communication open with the Union in the hope that they will reconsider their position.

Our journeyperson shipbuilders currently earn $34.80 per hour, approximately $72,000 per year, not including benefits, such as vacation and RRSP contributions, or overtime. This is more than twice the average individual income in Halifax. With all benefits included, this equates to approximately $94,000 per year.

In addition to increased RRSP contributions, improved access to vacation time, and other workplace changes, the proposed tentative agreement would see a journeyperson shipbuilder’s hourly rate increase to $35.32, approximately $73,450 per year. We must remain competitive and provide good value for the Royal Canadian Navy who relies on us to efficiently build, maintain, and modernize their ships.

Over the past few years, we invested over $400 million to create a safe, clean, and efficient workplace for our shipbuilders. Halifax Shipyard is the most modern shipyard in North America and our work environment is on par with the most advanced shipyards in the world.

Halifax Shipyard shipbuilders have well-paying careers in a modern workplace that allows them and their families to plan for the future. We hope they will reconsider their position on the proposed collective agreement.


Source: Media Release

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