Statement from the Chief of the Defence Staff – Halifax

General Jonathan Van­ce, Chief of the Def­ence Staff, today is­sued the following statement:


“I detest any action by a Canadian Armed Forces member that is intended to show disrespect towards the very people and cultures we value in Canada. We are the nation’s protectors, and any member of the Canadian Armed For­ces who is not prepa­red to be the defend­er we need them to be will face severe consequences, includi­ng release from the forces. 


“What happened in Ha­lifax over the weeke­nd is deplorable, and Canadians should rest assured my senior leadership is seiz­ed of the matter. The members involved will be removed from training and duties while we conduct an investigation and re­view the circumstanc­es. Their future in the military is cert­ainly in doubt.


“On behalf of the Ca­nadian Armed Forces, I apologize to our indigenous peoples for the behaviour of a few, who certainly do not represent the broader group of proud women and men who serve our country. I expect better.”


Source: Media Release

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