Stay one step ahead of thieves while holiday shopping with these helpful tips

Stay one step ahead of thieves while holiday shopping with these helpful tips:

• Keep your purse zipped closed and in sight. If you’re carrying a

wallet, keep it in a zipped pocket.

• Always lock your vehicle and park in well-lit, well-travelled areas.

• Never leave anything of obvious value in plain view in an

unattended vehicle.

• Store anything of value in the trunk of your vehicle before you

arrive at your destination.

• Avoid leaving high-end purchases in your vehicle, if possible.

• Try to shop during daylight hours.

• When shopping at a mall or shopping complex, and you want to

store packages in your trunk and then return to the mall or store

right away, it is best to drive out of the parking lot so it looks like

you’re leaving the area. Instead, drive to the other side of the mall

or complex before re-entering.

Online shopping

• Shop from a home computer, if possible. It’s safer than shopping

at a public terminal.

• Go directly to a store’s website by typing its address into your web browser.

• Verify secure connections. Don’t enter any information if you see

a broken key or open padlock symbol on your web browser; this

means the transaction is not secure. When the key is complete or

the padlock is locked, it’s a secure transaction.

• Unlike secure order forms on a website, email messages aren’t

private. Don’t send confidential personal or financial information

by email.

• Remember the golden rule of fraud prevention, if it seems too

good to be true, it probably is.

Credit and debit card security

• Never share your PIN with anyone. Your PIN is confidential and

should be treated that way.

• Examine bank statements frequently and note any unusual or

unaccounted activity. Notify the bank or financial institution if you

suspect someone has tampered with your account.

• Protect your PIN when using bank machines. Remember to hover and cover; hover over the terminal and cover the keypad to prevent someone from observing your key strokes and recording your PIN. Change your PIN if you think someone has accessed your account.It’s a good idea to change your PIN frequently.

Home security

• Don’t put your Christmas tree and presents in front of a window

where they can be seen easily.

• Don’t store presents in sheds and garages where they could be easy pickings for thieves.

• Ensure you have adequate lighting around your home.

Report suspicious activity or thefts

Call 902-490-5020 to report suspicious activity or thefts to police.

Provide the time, location and a detailed description of the activity and individuals. This will help police identify suspects.

Reporting crime, no matter how minor, helps police determine and

report on current and emerging problems or crime trends.


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