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Steak & Potato Night

Evening bloggies, Supper was a favourite of hubby’s – steak & baked potatoes.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had either.  I wasn’t looking to get too creative in the kitchen, it’s been a very laid back and relaxing day and I wanted to keep the prep time and cooking to a minimal.  This was easy and took about 20 mins.  Steaks were pan fried, potatoes were microwaved *gasp* and beans were steamed.


Hubby likes his steak well done while I like my like mine juicy!  I always put his in the pan first and then add my piece when his is almost done.  Topped with barbeque sauce of course!

Sides of cheesy baked potatoes and steamed green beans.  Hey frozen veggies are better then no veggies, right?! :)  This was delish!


IMG_0905  IMG_0904

Earlier in the afternoon I made batch a of banana softserve.   Totally gets rid of the ice cream craving!!! 

This time I added a scoop of unsweetened, shredded coconut for a tasty twist – YUM!!


More adventures with MariLynn this afternoon – Jewellery Box & Pearls.  I love how these turned out!  Think I’m getting the hang of the basic features.  I used the CA mode – flash off, aperture set to low and monochrome.  I’ve been resizing all my pics in Photoshop, I have the camera set to the lowest quality for pictures and each one is still over 5mb.  I also adjusted the contrast a tiny bit.





IMG_0878 IMG_0866 
Another weekend’s coming to an end, they always go by so fast don’t they?  It is finally raining here, I’m loving it – the sound is beautiful.  Plus, my garden was in desperate need.  Just saw some lightening too, no thunder yet. 

Well I’m off to get the dishes done and work out.  I stayed within my calorie budget today and am pretty freaking happy about that! :) Later Bloggies!

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