Steak Frites at Brooklyn Warehouse

So, I know that it’s evident that one of my favorite restos is The Brooklyn Warehouse, and this meal further adds to my love affair. I recently went to dinner with a friend of longtime family friend of mine who has been away from Hali for about 4 years; long enough to miss the opening and rise to fame of Brooklyn Warehouse as one of Halifax’s best restaurants (in my opinion).
On this visit, I knew what I wanted to order from the moment I sat down. It didn’t take long to convince my friend that she wanted the same. We decided on the Steak Frites; an 8 oz. NS Striploin, oven roasted potato wedges, olive oil poached tomato with chevre and Pommery mustard dip.
Holy mother! Look at that piece of meat! Not only was the steak incredible and perfectly cooked for my taste, but the fries were just right as well – fat chips with a crispy shell.
The Pommery mustard was a great addition to the plate – the savoury, spicy sauce added a nice kick to the steak. On the side, an unexpected, luscious bite was provided in the form of a sweet, supple, olive oil-poached tomato. Topped with creamy, melted goat cheese and drizzled with tangy balsamic, it was a wonderful accompaniment! This was definitely one of the most lovely, well-balanced plates I’ve ever eaten in Hali…yet another reason why Brooklyn is one of my fave spots for a quick bite, or an meal of all-out, local-product awesomeness!

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