Stila Art of the Fine Line set

If you don’t know already, I am not very good with liquid liners. When I received Stila Art of the Fine Line set, I was not sure it was for me.

Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliners sound good, but a little intimidating.

I braved it out, and yes, I liked it. Want to know why?

First off, the 4 shades in the set are best sellers of the brand, so they already did the homework for me. And I do like some colours for my liners other than black.

In the box: Intense Black came full size (0.016oz/ 0.5ml), followed by deluxe size of Midnight (navy), Moss (dark green) and Dark Brown (0.01oz/ 0.25ml each).

Secondly, they were not kidding about the “stay all day” claim. I do mean work days, as I have not tested the liners during 24-hour days, but that is good enough for me. The liners dry pretty quickly, and once set, they do not move or smudge. Mistake cleanup is easy though, a Q-tip with makeup remover would do.

I did not mind the deluxe shorter pens, as I felt like my hands were closer to the eyes (which wasn’t true) and I had better control of the pen (which was true). I keep Intense Black for regular use and the other 3 will rotate when I travel.

Don’t they look like mother and daughter here? Yes, I imagined my liners as girls, lol.

Another good thing about these liners was that the felt tip was not hard for beginners like me to maneuver. And they did not skip nor feather, lucky me 🙂

I am still practicing using less pressure to make precise lines. Thicker lines are easier, and sometimes they are to cover up boo-boos, real story!

It was suggested to shake the pen well before use, but I forgot to do this most of the time 🙂

Swatches, in the same order.

Intense Black does have a bit of silver sheen, I do set it with a black eyeshadow though.

Midnight is pretty, and I love me a dark navy blue. Moss is a antique green and Dark Brown is true to its name.

I’m excited to have coloured Stay all Day liners in my stash now, more chance to practice 🙂

The set retails $50 (values $75, as a full sized liner sells for $26) at Sephora, a Limited Edition.

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