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Hiking in snow

Storm Day Soup and other Hearty Goodness

Thursday evening. February 5th. 2015

Big Brook  Cape Breton

Hiking in snow

Helloooooo?!  Is anybody out there!?

How are you all faring in this latest maritime blizzard? The third storm this week. But who’s counting.

Greeting from the Highlands of Cape Breton. Where drifts are up to my waste, cars in a snow bank and I haven’t ventured further then the end of the driveway in 4 days.  Sound familiar?


These days, visiting the neighbour, or in line at the Co-op, the first matter of business is the Plow Update.

Where it’s been, or hasn’t been.

Where it’s going, or didn’t.

Did it do a good job? Or ruin your plans for the day?

People judging their own wellness relative to the plow.

“How ya doing today?”  “Well the plow went by..”

It’s all about the plow.

Seeing that I’m the only one down this little road into the woods, I’m not counting seeing the plow anytime soon, and so, will make do with what’s around.


Plow or no plow, a girls still gotta eat, so I present to you a selection of Storm Day Soups and other Hearty Goodness. Warning: recipes are Heavy on the Squash and Light on the Dishes. Tested and approved by yours truly.

Beet soup. This simple soup is delicious, and one I keep coming back to. Although it calls for a few obscure ingredients like juniper berries, I make it simply, with what’s around, and its super tasty all the same.

Toasties:  Great as a snack or appetizer or lunch. Dress it up, dress it down. This one is made with leeks and blue cheese, and this one with Squash.  Great way to use leftover squash. Sure to impress.


Lucky enough to have some ground lamb in the freezer? Try this Moroccan Lamb dish. Disappointed in the lack of squash is this one? Me too. In a casserole, try layering some pre-baked-mashed squash on top of your lamb & chickpeas, and then baking for another 15 minutes. A new creation: Moroccan lamb meets Shepard’s pie.

Skillet chicken pot pie-butternut squash.  Yet another way to use squash (I used a Buttercup). Say you have some leftover chicken to use up. This recipe is made and served using only one dish-the mighty cast iron.

These should keep you going for a bit.BeaverBirthday-1-4

May the Plow be with you.



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