Storm keeps police busy

Storm keeps police busy Officers were kept busy yesterday dealing with a variety of weather related incidents across HRM.

Police received 66 reports of collisions or crashes connected with yesterday’s snow storm. Officers also responded to several driving complaint calls where vehicles were unable to navigate certain roads. At this time, 112 parking tickets have been issued and 48 vehicles seized for obstructing snow removal operations. Vehicle owners should be aware that the clean up from yesterday’s storm is on-going and any vehicle obstructing snow removal can be ticketed and towed under section 139 of the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act.

139 (1) Notwithstanding Section 138, no person wilfully shall park or leave standing a vehicle whether attended or unattended, upon a highway or any part thereof in such manner that it might interfere with or obstruct snow removal or winter maintenance operations on the highway.

(2) Where a vehicle is parked or left standing on a highway in such manner that it interferes with or obstructs snow removal or winter maintenance operations, the Department or a peace officer may cause the vehicle to be moved or towed to some other place.

(3) Any cost incurred by the Department or a peace officer in moving or towing a vehicle under subsection (2) may be recovered from the owner of the vehicle and such debt shall constitute a lien against the vehicle.

Motorists are reminded that all windows must be clear of snow and ice. Police also recommend removing all snow from your vehicle so it doesn’t slide down over the front or rear windows obstructing your view, or blow off on to another vehicle.

Visit for more tips on safe winter driving.


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